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Company Vlana Ltd offers you the following free services and services you have to pay for.

Free services

  • Consultancy, assistance and assessment for entry to British Educational Institutions
  • Submitting an application form.
  • Consultancy for the necessary documents the potential students have to present; its submission by yourselves or with our help.
  • Check with us your tuition and accommodation fees.
  • Application for and reservation of accommodation.
  • Confirm with us what the documents you have to collect for the visa application process in the British Application Centre where you need to go to yourself.
  • Establishment and assistance in networking and collaboration between English and Russian Universities; English Universities and large and medium sized companies; any educational and administrative establishments in creation of cooperative programmes, courses and training for personnel and/or students’ education in different areas.

Services you have to pay for

  • Preparation and any maintenance (translation) for your documents which you will submit for a visa.
  • Purchase of mobile phone/SIM card, sending you the number before you go to the UK.
  • Consultancy and assistance in the opening of a bank account.
  • Consultancy and assistance for police registration.
  • Consultancy and assistance for GP (doctor) registration.
  • Consultancy and assistance in buying or renting a property.
  • The rental or buying of a car.

In case you need the service that is not on the list, just contact us and we will do everything possible to arrange it for you.

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Registered address of the company:
c/a REAH & McBRIDE Suite 2B North Sands Business Centre Liberty Way, Sunderland SR6 0QA
Telephone: +44.755.270.88.91

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